Acts of the XIVth Ordinary General Assembly of the WAP

(Paris, 18 April 2014)

The Ordinary General Assembly of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, convened according to the Statutes by its President, Leonardo Gorostiza, was held in Paris on Friday 18 April 2014, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6.30pm.
During this General Assembly and having arrived after four years at the end of their term, seven councilors left the Administration Council and seven new councilors were elected by the "Fondation du Champ Freudien" Association.

It was determined that there were 683 members of the Association present or properly represented (614 members present and 69 represented by proxy).

Development of the Assembly

From 9.00am to 12:00pm:
According to schedule, the Assembly began with speeches by the Presidents of each of the Schools of the WAP and by Judith Miller, President of the Foundation of the Freudian Field.

Under the heading The Lacanian Action in the Schools and in the Freudian Field, eight presentations were heard, which highlighted the relevance of the Lacanian Action in the world, its strength and its dynamism.

Then, the Treasurer of the WAP, Dominique Miller, presented the Treasurer's Reportand underlined the administration's salient points, the results of the accounts for the financial period 2013 and the orientation of the financial politics of the WAP for the realisation of its associative purposes.

At the beginning of the General Assembly each of the members present received a dossier consisting of a summary of the Financial Statements for 2013 and the Budget previewed for 2014.

Both the Treasurer's Report and the Accounts 2013 and Budget 2014, were proposed for discussion, subject to vote by show of hands by the Assembly, and approved unanimously.

Immediately after this, the Moral and Administrative Report of the President of the WAP, Leonardo Gorostiza, was presented, whereby he concluded the mandate renewed for two years at the Ordinary General Assembly of 2012 in Buenos Aires.

After reading the report was submitted for discussion and vote by show of hands, and was then unanimously approved.

From 2.00pm to 6:30pm:
After an interval, the General Assembly continued with the announcement by Leonardo Gorostiza that the new Council, which met during the interval, had decided to elect Miquel Bassols as new President of the WAP, for the period 2014-2016. He then invited the new President to take office and to proceed with the development of the XIVth General Assembly of the WAP.

Next, the incoming President announced the composition of the new Council for that period as well as the new Bureau: Antonio Beneti (EBP), Patricia Bosquin (ECF), Guy Briole (ECF), Domenico Cosenza (SLP), Carmen Cuñat (ELP), Anne - Poumellec Ganivet (ECF), Anne Lysy (NLS), Jean- Daniel Matet (ECF) , Fabian Napartsek (EOL), Juan Fernando Perez (NEL), Luis Tudanca (EOL), Oscar Zack (EOL) and himself, Miquel Bassols (ELP).

He also reported that the Bureau shall consist of Anne Ganivet-Poumellec (Treasurer), Guy Briole (Secretary), and himself, Miquel Bassols (President). While the Extended Bureau would be completed by the presence of Anne Lysy (Secretary of the Pass WAP), Jean- Daniel Matet (Secretary of the Guarantee WAP) and Carmen Cuñat (Secretary of Homologations).

Following this, Miquel Bassols delivered his speech as incoming President of the WAP.

Finally, and after having posed his ideas for the future of the management of the WAP, the President declared the Great Conversation of the School One open.

Once the agenda was concluded, the meeting was adjourned at 6.30pm.

From the above, these Acts of the XIVth Ordinary General Assembly, were written by:

Outgoing President

Mauricio TARRAB
Outgoing Secretary

Incoming President

Incoming Secretary

The texts of the speeches given at the Assembly by the outgoing and incoming Presidents attached*


Translator: Florencia Fernandez Coria Shanahan

* In the Spanish version of this message