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Cration of CALM

The present lack of response of our iranians colleagues to our friendly entreaties could mean a sustained effort will be necessary to free world-famous psychoanalyst Mitra Kadivar, now detained in the Psychiatric Hospital of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. To extend and to intensify our international and multidirectional endeavour, I thereby decide the creation of an ephemeral global structure to be called Comité d'Action pour la Libération de Mitra (CALM).

All people joining the Mitra campaign will be considered members of CALM.

Up until now, I relied on four activists to help me with nimbly coordinating the campaign. They will now enter the parisian board of the Activist Temporary Accelerator of CALM-Kadivar. They are :

  1. Anaëlle, director of Le Diable probablement
  2. Anne P, co-ordinator of Lacan Quotidien
  3. Eve, director of Le Champ freudien éditeur
  4. Maria, director of La Règle du Jeu

As members at large of the Activist Accelerator, I thereby formally appoint:

  1. Afshin, Iran
  2. Ana V, Mexico
  3. Anne B, Canada
  4. Florencia, Ireland
  5. Fouzia, Morocco
  6. François, Suisse
  7. Gloria, Congo (RDC)
  8. Helai, China
  9. Inga, Russia
  10. Josefina, USA

I shall be waiting for those friends to notify me their agreement.
I am looking for other correspondents, connected to those countries and organizations, and able to get in touch with (ITW):

  1. Amnesty International, ITW Salil Shetty, Secretary General
  2. Austria and Germany, able to translate to German
  3. Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, ITW Thomas Banchoff, Director
  4. European Commission, ITW with Lady Catherine Ashton
  5. Holy See, ITW members of the Sacred College, and eventually the pope
  6. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, ITW Bekele Geleta, SG
  7. IPA, ITW the president, Charles M. T. Hanly
  8. Iranian Red Crescent Society, ITW the president
  9. South Africa, ITW Nelson Mandela
  10. UNO, ITW Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General, and Remigiusz Achilles Henczel, President of the Human Rights Council
  11. WHO (OMS), ITW Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General

Nota bene
This e-mail is sent to my friend François Zimeray, who happens to be the French Ambassador for Human Rights, MDH.

This Press Release was written under the influence of Bartok : The Miraculous Mandarin, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus-Pierre Boulez, and Rodolphe Burger : /Cheval-mouvement, album dedicated to Lena.

Personal 2
Dear Dalia Awadat, you tried to get in touch with me through Facebook. Could you rather send me a e-mail? I am not familiar with Facebook. I see you published a video «RIP Ramy» Chemaly viewed by 38,159 persons on You Tube. Would you make one for Mitra?
Best regards.



Feb. 10 th 2013, 14 : 30 Paris Time

  1. Gloria Gonzalez-Yerodia, secrétaire de Jacques Lacan de 1948 à sa mort, le 9 septembre 1981
  2. Abdulaye Yerodia Ndombasi, sénateur, ancien vice-président de la République démocratique du Congo, ministre d'Etat, ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères
  3. Roselyne Bachelot, ancienne ministre
  4. François Fillon, ancien Premier ministre
  5. Anne Hidalgo, première adjointe au Maire de Paris
  6. François Rebsamen, sénateur de la Côte d'Or, maire de Dijon, président du Groupe socialiste au Sénat
  7. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, député européen
  8. Laure Adler, écrivain, ancienne conseillère à la culture du président François Mitterrand, ancienne directrice de France Culture
  9. Gilles Mahieu, secrétaire général du parti socialiste belge