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Writing to Mitra Kadivar

Our colleague from the French Riviera, Armelle Gaydon, of Nice, recently suggested to me through an e-mail : « Let's us all write to Mitra ! ». What a swell idea ! So I am making public the address of the Psychiatric Hospital where the world-famousiranian psychoanalyst, our friend Mitra Kadivar, is detained, under good Dr Ghadiri's watch and responsibility. NB : Dr Ghadiri is also world-famous. Two celebrities for the same Psychiatric Hospital ! Both MD ! That' news ! That's swinging psychiatry ! Only in Tehran ! Dr Ghadiri and Dr Kadivar have both the same adress. So you may chose to write to Mitra or to write to Muhammad. Or you may even write a lettrer to both of them. As you like it. Mitra has a silver tongue, and she is a very lively epistolarian. As far as I know, she reads French and English. I guess Dr Ghadiri reads English. Here comes the address. *^*

Iranian Psychiatric Hospital
School of Medicine
Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Km Karaj Special Road
at the edge of beltway of north Azadegan, after Ansaar town, behind of Shahid Tondgoyan parking

the Center of Psychiatry